Rego will promiss 4 upgrades

Upgrade Workability

  • You can easily swith the amount of air in the paste just by pushing button
  • REGO can emulsify several different ingredients evenly in short priod of time
  • Workable for small amount too --- even from one egg!
  • Workable for big amount of ganache at one time
  • You can adjust speed and angle of whipper in single step form
  • You can use various size bowls you have for REGO
  • Barely make noise while working. Improve working environment.

Upgrade Productivity

  • The condition will be the same in upper part and lower part in the bowl, which improves yield rate.
  • Help chefs with short experience to avoid "too much mixing".

Upgrade Quality

  • Sponge cake --- Stable texture
  • Genoise --- Crunchy yet melt fast in your mouth
  • Meringue --- Refined air bubbles which ensure easy melting in mouth
  • Butter paste, Rhomasse paste --- applicable to unconventional composition of ingredients
  • Ensure good emulsification, moist texture

Upgrade Profitability

  • Improve yield rate even with the same ingredients composition, which lowers the commodity cost. (Meringue, Rolled cake, Baumkuchen, etc.)
  • Upgrade the quality, which assists production of signature products.
  • Help chefs to develop new products, which will be the new source of profit.

Beating & Stirring Mixer vs Planetary Mixer

Mixer who Works as Your 'Hands'


The movement is good at involving lots of air into paste, which is perfect condition for delicate fluffy whipped cream and meringue. It homogenizes the paste, speeds up emulsification.

Recommended use: meringue, Japone, Rhomasse, jenoise paste


Stir the oils to emulsify and make smooth creamy paste. Keep emulsifying while adjusting the condition of the paste.

Recommended use: pound cake, madeleine, financier, baked sweets

There are also attachments for kneading, grating (for nuts), and straining (for fruits puree).