Passion for Mother Earth
who Nurtures Our Nuts

Sicily has been famous for nuts production, high quality almonds, pistachio, and hazelnuts notably.
The unique climate --- piercing sunshine during summer, stable rain falls during autumn towards the beginning of winter, well-drained limestone soil --- is perfect for nuts production, and they all contribute to the distinct rich aroma and taste.
Antonino Affronti was established in 1912, since then, they have strived to pass down the tradition through three generations and provided the precious almonds, hazelnuts and pistachio to the world.
These nuts, truly one of a kind, is the representation of abundant blessings from the Mother Earth.
We are pleased to present it to you with pride.


Sicily has long history of nuts production, and is regarded as famous production area even among European countries. Parma Girgenti, the most popular breed which has been grown in Sicily since old time, has secret for its uniqueness. Usually almonds tree is grafted with peach tree, but in Sicily, professionals graft two kinds of almond tree. This method will bring out the authentic almond flavor and taste even stronger.
Sicilian almond is perfect to be processed too, such as almond powder, because of its flat shape, richness in oil and fat content, and sweetness.
This flavorful almond will surely advance the taste!


Hazelnuts has its origin in North Turkey. The nutritious nuts have been eaten and used for medical purpose from centuries ago, we can find the depiction in Greek mythology and ancient legends.
It would not be a mare exaggeration to say that hazelnuts is the most familiar, flavor to Europeans.
During Christmas season, it frequently be mixed with dried fruits for baked sweets, and in other seasons, it can be used for ice cream, baked sweets, chocolate ingredients, to give rich flavor. Hazelnuts and chocolate especially is the match made in heaven, it is well known that the combination is the base of gianduja.
The flavor is stronger than other nuts, distinct bitterness and sweetness works to help other flavors to stand out. The special flavor will surely deepen the taste!


Sicily’s pistachio is highly valued for its vivid green, aromatic flavor after roasting, and high content of oil compared to pistachios from other growing areas.
The vivid green is praised and called as “green jewel”, favorably used as decoration.
In Italy, pistachio is also used for sausages, the unique flavor and color add a little more fanciness.
The delicate sweetness and deep taste, along with the brilliant green color will upgrade the sweets and dishes for sure!


Sicily is an island state of Italy. Greek, Roman… once the warriors have conquered the land and left their cultural influence, which we can still see at the numerous historical sites. The town itself is certified as world heritage, and its grand land and warm climate are perfect for growing nuts. Through the three generations, Antonino Affronti S.R.L has exported and sold high quality nuts --- almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios mainly --- to all over the world. Their reliable quality control and selecting procedure always assures high quality products.